By means of the Privacy Policy, Anonymous Closet (“AC” or the “Owner”) informs the users of the web-page accessible through the domain owned by the Owner (the “Web”), of the treatment of their personal data granted by the users through the Web.

By visiting the Web or using any of the services of the Owner, the user accepts the use and disclosure of its personal information in the manner foreseen in the present Privacy Policy. As required by law, personal information of the users shall be collected only to the extent agreed with the Owner (for example, through acceptance of this Privacy Policy or through an electronic box with an option to tick, or other similar measures which may be imposed by applicable laws in privacy and data protection from time to time).

The users shall not be obliged to provide to the Owner personal information, however, the absence of certain information may affect the service that the Owner can offer to the user.

By continuing to use the Web, each user agrees with the Owner, as responsible parties of the treatment of personal data, that the collection and use of their personal information is made in accordance with the present Privacy Policy. The acceptance of this Privacy Policy implies that the user expressly consents to the treatment of any personal data pursuant to such ends.

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